Mark your calendar for November 13-15, 2013 at the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder, CO



The Startup Phenomenon is a first-of-its-kind gathering focused on the entrepreneurs, policymakers, financiers, and mentors who create and sustain startup communities around the world.

 From technology and medicine to farming and transportation, from Reykjavik and Auckland to Omaha and Boulder, these hubs of business innovation have similarities we can build on and difference we can learn from. The Startup Phenomenon is where we’ll do that.

“The future economic progress of society at large is dependent on creating, building and sustaining startup communities.”

-Brad Feld, Foundry Group Managing Director, TechStars Co-Founder, and Author of Startup Communities and other books in the Startup Revolution series

At Startup Phenomenon, more than 300 seasoned investors, policymakers, academics, and entrepreneurs will collide to share their visions for – and experiences from – successful startup clusters.
This will be a cross-industry gathering of leaders who are actively involved in startup ecosystems. We’ll have clean-energy investors talking to app developers, cancer researchers talking to agriculture entrepreneurs, academics talking to elected officials. Regardless of their relationship to startup culture, everyone here will have something to share – and something to learn.

Startup Phenomenon will be a collection of immersive experiences that have been designed to maximize opportunities for networking and collaboration, all with an eye toward real takeaways. To that end, we’ll use what we learn during our presentations and discussions to create a framework for attendees to take home – something they can apply to their own communities as they build and sustain their respective startup hubs. The conference program includes presentations and panels from investors and entrepreneurs, as well as opportunities to participate in industry-specific discussions and to attend an epic pitch fest that will deliver another real-world takeaway- money.

Armed with the Startup Phenomenon framework, an expanded network of contacts, countless new ideas – and maybe even some new startup funding – conference attendees will go home ready to create and strengthen homegrown environments where the best and brightest among them will get to share their ideas with the world without having to move someplace else.

The Hubs

Startup Phenomenon will convene leaders from a wide range of industries to share their insights and experiences. The startup communities in each hub face unique obstacles. Cross-industrial collaboration and learning will bring fresh ideas and approaches to meeting those challenges.