Smooth Scaling

    If you’re trying to keep your startup from going belly-up, it is important to consider the scalability of your company. When you first set sail on your journey, it can seem as though you’ve got everything under control. However, when more customers begin to jump on board, you may find that your vessel is close to sinking. That is why it is so important to learn how to batten down the hatches and make your business as strong as possible. If you keep the concepts of scaling in mind, you will find that your fresh new company is prepared for any eventuality, securing it against all kinds of economic insecurities. Prepare your startup for smooth scaling!   With the following infographic, provided by you will learn how to best develop a business strategy that will function well from the very beginning, taking your young company safely into the sea of prosperity. Don’t suffer from the same issues that plague so many small businesses; set a course for profit and learn more about what it takes to be a great sailor in these tough economic times with the help of the information provided below. Let this be your GPS for success, guiding you through the most important factors to consider when it comes to the modern consumer.  

Wadhwa’s Response To Costolo: Twitter Must Lead Silicon Valley On Diversity

In case you missed it, Startup Phenomenon speakers Vivek Wadhwa and Anil Dash spent much of the weekend in a heated discussion with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo about Twitter’s gender imbalance, a disparity that came to light in Twitter’s IPO filing. Wadhwa recounts the entire Twitter exchange that ensued between the three of them here, while expanding on his original point: Silicon Valley is still largely a boys’ club. More to the point for Startup Phenomenon attendees, Wadhwa—a Fellow at Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford Law School and Director of Research at Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University—highlights statistics like this: “Companies with the highest percentages of women board directors outperform those with the lowest by 53 percent. They have a 42 percent higher return on sales and 66 percent higher return on invested capital.” Here’s Wadhwa’s full response: (more…)

Starting Up Startup Communities

Veteran entrepreneur and venture capitalist Tom Nastas will be speaking at Startup Phenomenon about his years of experience with the startup scene in Moscow, but his insights run far beyond the Russian market. Recently, Tom, who is also an advisor to Singularity University, set out to write a blog post about Russian startups for Brad Feld’s Startup Revolution blog. But once Tom started writing, he couldn’t stop. The resulting five-part series isn’t so much a blog post but a digital textbook on risk, fear, growth, financing, and innovation as they all relate to startups. Here’s his introduction in full, along with links to all five installments of the series. It’s great reading for anyone interested in culture and startup communities: (more…)

Guest Blog – Startup Phenomenon Women Recap

It’s our pleasure to share a guest blog post recapping Startup Phenomenon Women 2013, which occurred just a couple weeks ago on September 3rd. Thanks to the posts’ author, Sara Fruman. Startup Phenomenon Women attracted a variety of prominent entrepreneurs to Macky Auditorium on the University of Colorado at Boulder’s campus September 3,2013 who offered advice on how to succeed as a woman in business. These dynamic women told personal success stories and offered advice on how to succeed as an entrepreneur. The University of Colorado’s Chancellor Philip Distefano opened the event and said that women are important in taking entrepreneurship to the next level, setting the stage for a number of female entrepreneurial and other speakers. “Entrepreneurship is an important way of life here,” Distefano said. “Entrepreneurship is in our blood and our history. It’s why we are here today.” (more…)

Startup Generation – A Fellowship for Young Entrepreneurs

Everywhere we turn, there are examples of how startup communities come together to foster internal growth and support those who seek to become a part of the revolution. There are too many stories to share them all, even though we’d love to, but this program has particularly caught our eye and filled us with excitement about the possibilities is provides to entrepreneurial youth. We’re talking about Startup Generation, and if you haven’t heard of it, we encourage you to get familiar with its unique fellowship program. The Startup Generation Global Fellowship Program, which is set to launch in October of this year, “connects young leaders with each other and with the world’s foremost experts and catalysts in entrepreneurship through a six-month online, project-based learning Fellowship supported by some of the world’s most esteemed academic institutions and market players’. Participants in this fellowship are globally sourced and will, no doubt, bring away learnings from their intensive fellowship that will help launch them on the track to success with their entrepreneurial endeavors. 200 delegates for Startup Generation’s Gobal Youth Startup Summit have been chosen and will convene in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia October 8-11. To learn more about Startup Generation and their Global Fellowship Program, follow them on Facebook.

Lessons from SPWomen Friends – You Get What You Ask For

Last week, Startup Phenomenon Women was most privileged to welcome Levo League’s Chief Leadership Officer, Tiffany Dufu. Tiffany took the audience by storm with her inspirational, sentimental, and very poignant discussion of rounding up and asking for what you want. Here is a brief video from the Levo League website that illustrates the importance of women being assertive in their careers. Not only is this great advice for working professionals in corporate roles, it’s incredibly important for female entrepreneurs as well. Consider that 70% of startups are male-led. And that women-led startups secure significantly less funding than those of their male counterparts, on average. The gender gap continues to close in entrepreneurial communities and corporate alike, but there’s still a long way to go.

ASK4MORE VIDEO from Levo League on Vimeo.

Stanford University Directly Investing in Their Students’ Startups

Stanford has been a catalyst to arguably the biggest startup community in the world and is taking another aggressive step towards supporting the constant stream of entrepreneurs and tech startups flowing out of the institution. According to an article this week in TechCrunch, Stanford has set up a $3.6 millon grant for StartX, an independent accelerator for Stanford students and alumni run by founder and CEO Cameron Teitelman. The fund dedicates $1.2 million a year for the next three years and is a great support to the young program.    

Great City Leaders Initiate Smart Growth with Little Resources

Vibrant startup communities  reside in great cities that people want to live in, but what makes a place desirable? A report by McKinsey&Company identifies three activities that great city leaders do extremely well. They 1) achieve smart growth by taking a holistic view that considers all stakeholders, 2) they exhibit the entrepreneurial skills of doing a lot with the little amount of resources available, and 3) they create a culture that supports change. McKinsey&Company states “by 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live in cities”. Startup Phenomenon has the unique opportunity of bringing the best and the brightest entrepreneurs, investors, and city leaders together to ensure  we can create communities that inspire creativity and innovation within your city.    

Startup Phenomenon Women a Smashing Success

Yesterday, more than 500 men and women gathered at Macky Auditorium to encourage and celebrate the role of women in startup communities and in the greater world of business. A lineup of 42 speakers shared advice and personal stories, born of extensive and broad professional experience, that provided inspiration and insight into the challenges women face in the workplace and the advantages of gender diversity. On behalf of the Startup Phenomenon team, we’d like to offer our deepest thanks to the enthusiastic sponsors, friends, speakers, and attendees that made yesterday’s event a success. The Daily Camera, a Boulder-based news source, wrote an excellent recap of the the day’s happenings. Click here to read the full article.

Want More Women in Tech? Hook Them Early

Startup Phenomenon speaker Char Genevier, founder and CTO of The Cotery and co-founder of SocialEngine, says the key to getting more women in the tech industry lies not in trying to make tech companies and classes more “female friendly” but, rather, in making sure young girls are exposed to tech and coding at an early age, then encouraging those who are interested to follow their own curiosity. “Don’t get me wrong, sexism does exist in the programming world,” Genevier writes in a recent column for Colorado Biz  “and that needs to stop. But segregation and babying isn’t the answer. Singling women as the ‘odd ones out’ only perpetuates the belief that women are less innately able to perform at the same level as men.” Instead, Genevier calls for early exposure, followed by encouragement, followed by women who do succeed in the tech space making themselves visible so that those young girls who do get hooked on the STEM fields will have more role models. “The more noise we women in technology can make about our existence,” Genevier writes, “the more we will encourage future generations to follow in our footsteps.”