Guest Blog – Startup Phenomenon Women Recap

It’s our pleasure to share a guest blog post recapping Startup Phenomenon Women 2013, which occurred just a couple weeks ago on September 3rd. Thanks to the posts’ author, Sara Fruman.

Startup Phenomenon Women attracted a variety of prominent entrepreneurs to Macky Auditorium on the University of Colorado at Boulder’s campus September 3,2013 who offered advice on how to succeed as a woman in business. These dynamic women told personal success stories and offered advice on how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

The University of Colorado’s Chancellor Philip Distefano opened the event and said that women are important in taking entrepreneurship to the next level, setting the stage for a number of female entrepreneurial and other speakers. “Entrepreneurship is an important way of life here,” Distefano said. “Entrepreneurship is in our blood and our history. It’s why we are here today.”

While each speaker had unique points to add, here’s a list of advice the speakers stressed to females in business:
• Always Negotiate
• Take Risks
• Surround Yourself with a Good Team

o Margaret Neale, a professor of management at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University said to view negotiations a
problem-solving, rather than adversarial, win-lose interactions. Neale mentioned that salaries of men are 7.6 percent higher than women, because they are more likely to negotiate. “It’s not DNA, it’s expectations,” she said. She added that women have good reason to fear negotiation, because evaluators are more likely to penalize female candidates for negotiating. In the end, Neale concluded that it is better to ask for a better deal than to settle for a “bad deal,” thus women should “always negotiate.”

o Claudia Batten shared how she lives her life as a female entrepreneur. “My personal mantra is to be the biggest, bravest, boldest version of myself that I can be,” Batten said. In addition, Michele Weslander Quaid, CTO and Innovation Evangelist at Google advised the crowd to “embrace risk.”

o Many of the speakers stressed the importance of “hiring well,” including Pup To Go Co-Founder Meena Mansharamani who spoke of the importance of “handpicking” each member of the team. Additionally, Quaid said that when she is hiring she asks herself if the person is passionate, comfortable with change and a culture fit.

o Beyond just hiring, Chris Moody, the CEO of GNIP said, “Surround yourself by people that you respect and like, especially at work.” He also said that you should like the people you work for and work with on a daily basis.

o The investors agreed how vital it is to have a good team and group of supporters when starting a venture. CEO of Astia, a startup accelerator for female entrepreneurs said, “Surround yourself by those who can be your champion.” Whether you are planning on starting your own venture, seeking a new career or promotion, be sure to always negotiate, take risks and work with good people.

Don’t miss the next Startup Phenomenon event, running from Wednesday, November 13 to Friday, November 15, 2013.

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