Carrie Van Heyst Profile Image

Carrie Van Heyst

Co-Founder, Startup Phenomenon; CEO, Van Heyst Group

Carrie is one of Startup Phenomenon’s inspired creators. Carrie’s good nature and creativity make her a natural leader and inspirational head of Startup Phenomenon.

Ryan Ferrero Profile Image

Ryan Ferrero

Co-founder, Startup Phenomenon; Entrepreneur in Residence, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Ryan is one of Startup Phenomenon’s founding members. He’s an experienced and influential founder and entrepreneur.

Tate Behning Profile Image

Tate Behning


Tate is a Co-founder of Startup Phenomenon. He brings a wealth of business experience and entrepreneurial passion to the Startup Phenomenon team.

Peter Johnson Profile Image

Peter Johnson

Co-founder, Startup Phenomenon; Networking Czar, Van Heyst Group

Peter channels his endless networking energy to developing partnerships and welcoming sponsorships for Startup Phenomenon. He’s also an experienced investor.

Andrea Guendelman Profile Image

Andrea Guendelman

Co-producer, Startup Phenomenon Women

Andrea has partnered with Van Heyst Group to produce Startup Phenomenon Women.  After graduating from Harvard Law School, and practicing corporate law, she co-organized Common Pitch Chile 2012, which attracted over 10,000 attendees.

John Bradley Profile Image

John Bradley

Program Director, Startup Phenomenon; VP Content & Strategy, Van Heyst Group

John leads the programming team for Startup Phenomenon, securing the best speakers and bringing to life the concepts that we believe are so important.

Chelsea Norton Profile Image

Chelsea Norton

Director of Marketing, Startup Phenomenon; Senior Marketing & Program Manager, Van Heyst Group

Chelsea oversees all marketing efforts for the Startup Phenomenon event series, from audience recruitment and PR to website development and design.

Alicia Thomas Profile Image

Alicia Thomas

Program Director, Startup Phenomenon Women

Alicia manages the development of our event program for Startup Phenomenon Women, which is quickly becoming a must-attend event.

Ian Kuliasha Profile Image

Ian Kuliasha

Co-Producer, Startup Phenomenon Epic Pitchfest, Managing Director, Deming Center Venture Fund

Ian has partnered with Startup Phenomenon to produce Epic Pitchfest – an entrepreneur-focused capstone event for Startup Phenomenon 2013. Ian is currently a Managing Director at the Deming Center Venture Fund, a graduate student managed venture capital fund.

Gretchen Heine Profile Image

Gretchen Heine

Sponsorship Coordinator, Startup Phenomenon

Gretchen assists the Startup Phenomenon team in recruiting and managing event sponsorships and partnerships. She also always seems to be smiling!

Nate Beard Profile Image

Nate Beard

Marketing Coordinator, Startup Phenomenon

Nate is one of Startup Phenomenon’s all-star interns. He assists the marketing and sponsorship teams, in addition to just being an all-around great guy.