Want More Women in Tech? Hook Them Early

Startup Phenomenon speaker Char Genevier, founder and CTO of The Cotery and co-founder of SocialEngine, says the key to getting more women in the tech industry lies not in trying to make tech companies and classes more “female friendly” but, rather, in making sure young girls are exposed to tech and coding at an early age, then encouraging those who are interested to follow their own curiosity.

“Don’t get me wrong, sexism does exist in the programming world,” Genevier writes in a recent column for Colorado Biz  “and that needs to stop. But segregation and babying isn’t the answer. Singling women as the ‘odd ones out’ only perpetuates the belief that women are less innately able to perform at the same level as men.”

Instead, Genevier calls for early exposure, followed by encouragement, followed by women who do succeed in the tech space making themselves visible so that those young girls who do get hooked on the STEM fields will have more role models.
“The more noise we women in technology can make about our existence,” Genevier writes, “the more we will encourage future generations to follow in our footsteps.”

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