Women in the Startup Community

Though healthy startup ecosystems are made strong through innovative thinking about the way business works, even entrepreneurial communities see a gap between men and women in the workplace, where only about 35% of startup business owners are women according to the Kauffman Foundation and seen in other sources. This September, the SP team is introducing Startup Phenomenon Women, an event to celebrate and support women-led startups. We are thrilled to welcome an all-star cast of speakers to this event, including Michele Weslander Quaid, CTO (Federal) and Innovation Evangelist at Google; Jo Anne Miller, Managing Partner at Brown Dog Ventures and Golden Seeds; Fran Maier, Founder and Chair of the Board at TRUSTe; and many others.

Several distinguished community leaders, such as Blair Young, Programs and Community Management at Cultivation Center, have partnered up with us to focus on the importance of revolutionizing the next generation of business. In her own words, Blair is determined to “transform the gendered landscape of startup culture”. Blair’s blog post in Project Eve calls for women to share their thoughts about the personal and institutional barriers they might face in an entrepreneurial setting. If you can, please take a moment to read and respond to what Blair has to say.

We are excited to join the conversation about women in startup communities and anticipate a lively group at Macky Auditorium on September 3rd. Take a look at our registration page for more information.

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